Daycare at “A Well Behaved Dog”  (770) 314-6018


We offer Daycare to Toy Breeds only. Why? Well, we have 6 resident toy breeds already: 2 Yorkshire Terriers, 4 lbs. each, 2 Pomeranians, 4-5 lbs. each, 1 Chihuahua, 5 lbs., miniature Australian Sheppard, 10 lbs., and our Otis, a 60 lb. Lab/Golden mix who is great with the little ones.


We understand how difficult it is to find a daycare that caters to toy breeds. Oftentimes they are not well socialized with other dogs because of their small size. At ”A Well Behaved Dog” they get socialization, obedience to house rules and manners are reinforced, all making for a calmer, more well adjusted dog. They have constant supervision. They play inside, having full rein of the house, and outside weather permitting. They are kept on potty schedule and if pee pad trained, pads are here as our smallest dogs use those. Drop off is between 7:00 am -11:00am and they must be picked up by 7:00 pm, Please.Proof of up to date vaccines must be furnished with a Bordatella vaccine within 6 months of visit.

For only $14.00 per day your pet gets snacks, music, television, home environment, socialization and lots of play and love.