Hi Amanda,


“I just wanted to pass on my appreciation for a great boarding and training session. We left our dog Max with Amanda for the required 14 days. I spoke of specific challenges that we were having understanding it was beginner’s obedience and most likely many of my concerns were out of scope. I was primarily concerned with Max running after cars when he was free in the yard as he did not have a sense of fear and he was not yet trained to stay or come. Amanda kept me posted on progress via emails over the two week period. Max came home a visibly different dog. ( almost too trained! :-) He sits, stays, comes, goes to his place, walks well on a leash , he stays with us in the yard. If he is tempted by the occasional jogger , he now comes when called whereas in the past he would just be gone. Thank you so much for your service. It was a pleasure to work with Amanda and we are very happy with the results.”