Group Obedience Classes

Patience, Care, and Compassion

Every animal has a unique personality and disposition. Because of this, each dog gets personal training geared to help them achieve each exercise. We will be instructing the owner as well, so when you leave class each week it is with confidence and understanding of each exercise. This requires a unique trainer with a wide range of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Whether you want to train a puppy or an older dog, you need expert guidance to effectively train your pet. If you love your dog (and I know you do), you can count on Amanda at “A Well Behaved Dog” to train with compassion and confidence to make sure when you leave class each week, you feel comfortable, inspired, and know what to do at home.

Amanda teaches Group Classes at:

* Ansley Animal Clinic, 593 Dutch Valley Road NE, Atlanta, Ga. 30324, (404) 873-1786
She highly recommends the veterinarians at Ansley Animal Clinic.

“A Well Behaved Dog” is proud to offer Puppy Classes:

Puppy Classes: One hour class each week for four (4) weeks Please contact us at (770)314-6018 for next Puppy class dates.

Must have had at least two rounds of vaccines. Proof thereof is required. Puppy cannot be over 5 months of age

  • Puppy playtime. What is appropriate ? When to step in and how to separate.
  • Dog Language, What is it ? Why do I need to know it ?
  • Potty Training
  • Socialization
  • Learning name, Recall, Attention
  • Luring
  • Confidence Building Exercises
  • Proper Equiptment and use thereof, Collars, Harnesses, Leashes, other
  • Sit for a treat and offered behavior
  • Manners, Jumping, Bite Inhibition, Patience, Greet politely
  • Handling
  • Walking Properly on Leash
  • Children and puppies

Basic Obedience Classes: One hour classes each week for 6 weeks

This is ON LEASH TRAINING. Classes held in two locations. Please call (770) 314-6018 for location and class times.

  • How Dogs Learn
  • Sit with distractions and high excitement
  • Down in distractions and without luring
  • Release command
  • Recall command
  • Wait and stay commands
  • Manners
  • Walking properly on leash and beginning of heel command
  • Targeting exercises
  • Drop and leave it
  • Four Tricks, customized for your breed of dog
  • Training with Games
Intermediate Group Classes:  One hour class each week for 6 weeks. Please call (770) 314-6018 for location and class times.

  • Working on duration with sit, down, and quiet bed commands
  • Working with long lines for distance training
  • Front and finish: Dog comes to front of you and sits, then circles around to sit on your left side
  • Heel
  • Beginning of out of sight commands: Dog stays in command with you out of sight
  • Back up command
  • Sit and down in motion: You walk with your dog and have them sit – or down – and stay while you continue to walk on.


“Happy Graduates”


Hi Amanda,

“Robert, Jigsaw and I hope that you’ve been well. We enjoyed your Beginner class earlier this year and Jigsaw has really done pretty well.

Jigsaw’s training with you was right on time. We’ve tried to keep up with some of the lessons. There are some things we still need to practice more.

With the cooler Fall weather coming we are interested in some additional training for Jigsaw. We’re thinking an Intermediate class is probably the next best choice. If you know of a class scheduled to begin in the near future we’d probably have an interest in it. Our class was at Ansley Animal Clinic. Also if you have suggestions on a different class we’ll consider that too.”

Thanks again!

Dave S.

Hi Amanda, I wanted to let you know how good of an instructor you were for the beginner class me and my husband enrolled our puppy in. Amelia is a very rambunctious 6-month old German Short Haired Pointer. We benefited from your guidance especially when you took time to address issues or concerns specific to Amelia. We’re hoping to enroll in the Intermediate class at Ansley Animal Clinic starting mid-January. Amelia needs more work with her leash training and we’re excited for the next class. I’ll send the registration form in soon.

Thanks again, Caitlin and Anthony  F.



Left Right
Amanda demonstrated a master’s level of knowledge while training my dog Stella. She recognized Stella’s unique personality and needs, then addressed those individually while maintaining a group class. I plan to hire Amanda in the future for my dogs’ training needs.
Adam M.
“I wanted to send this letter to express my Happiness for all the help I’ve received from Amanda. Nina went from a untrained, vicious dog to a loving dog. She now listens to commands. Nina still has a lot more training to do but the improvement since the training with Amanda has been wonderful. Amanda is a great trainer and a good teacher. I would recommend Amanda to all of my friends”.

Thank you,

Paula C.

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