In home lessons

“A Well Behaved Dog” will bring Amanda, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, into your home to work one-on-one with you and your dog. Getting professional training for a new puppy at home can start as early as eight (8) weeks. It’s always best to check with the vet first and start training as soon as you bring your new dog home.

In Home Lessons include, but are not limited to:

  • Basic Obedience Training : Includes sit, down, stay, wait, tricks
  • Manners : no jumping, nipping, counter surfing
  • Walking properly on leash without pulling
  • Behavior modification for fearful or reactive dogs
  • Separation anxiety training
  • Potty training for going outdoors – or pee pads for small breeds
  • Socialization to real world
  • Coping skills
  • Family interaction lessons
  • Off leash training
My Suggestion

Trainer travels to your home for one hour lesson at $110.00 per hour or 6 lessons at discounted rate of $600.00 ($60.00 savings)

“Happy Graduates”


“I wanted to send this letter to express my Happiness for all the help I’ve received from Amanda. Nina went from a untrained, vicious dog to a loving dog. She now listens to commands. Nina still has a lot more training to do but the improvement since the training with Amanda has been wonderful. Amanda is a great trainer and a good teacher. I would recommend Amanda to all of my friends”.

Thank you, Paula  C.

Left: Chloe chills and watches T.V. with Kelly Right: Sophie and Chloe toasting on the heater vent.



Left Right
Our rescue dog, Chipper, enrolled in basic obedience group training that was taught at Ansley Animal Clinic by Piedmont Park. Amanda was a great trainer. Chipper loved her and enjoyed the training. The key to success is to practice repeatedly at home. The owner must be active with practice.


Mark and Phillip
Hey Amanda,

Thank you again for being a wonderful teacher! Sawyer is really making progress. I do think he becomes more stubborn in the heat. Have a good day!

Heather B.

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