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Amanda Self, CPDT-KA

Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed

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Amanda Self, Certified Dog Trainer

Positive Reinforcement Training Only

with Patience, Knowledge & Experience

Amanda’s certification is through CCPDT and requires  continuing education hours to re certify every 3 years to hold this prestigious title and must adhere to a strict code of ethics.

Training since 2008 she has become a Behavior Specialist through her years of working with Aggressive, Fearful, Reactive, and Anxious dogs. She is adept at reading Dog Body Language, Assessing and Creating Protocol, Management, Behavior Modification, Counter Conditioning and helping rehabilitate these problem behaviors. Her continuing education is focused in these areas. Amanda loves training people to train their dogs. Combined with excellent people skills, Amanda is compassionate, honest, patient and loving. She uses only Positive Reinforcement methods .

In Atlanta Ga. Amanda owned and ran a successful  Board and Train Business for ten years. She also had Daily Daycare programs and Boarded Dogs. She trained Kim Zolciak of Atlanta Housewives two dogs Coco and Chanel in the Board and Train Program. She has worked with Jackson Hurst of “Drop Dead Diva” dogs while he filmed in Atlanta. She worked with Ginny Milner Foundation in Atlanta helping Rescue dogs with Behavioral Issues to help find and keep their forever homes.

She has worked with deaf dogs and trained her first dog for a Hallmark television movie “The Lost Valentine” which first aired in January 2011.

Amanda enjoys hiking, going to the beach, painting, music, reading, hanging out with her 3 dogs or pretty much any activity that involves dogs.

She is referred by numerous Veterinarians in Atlanta and Alabama.

The Lost Valentine

Amanda trained her first dog for a Hallmark television movie “The Lost Valentine” which first aired in January 2011.

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Some of Amanda’s Continuing Education includes seminars, webinars and:

  • Co-hosting “The Animal Hour” Radio show In Atlanta Ga. 2009- 2010
  • Attending Association of Pet Dog Trainers Annual Conference 2010
  • Attending Karen Pryor’s Clicker Expo Seminar in Houston, Texas 2009
  • Helping Fearful Dogs Seminar, Nicole Wilde CPDT-KA
  • Counter Surfing, Counter Measures, Barbara Davis
  • BAT- Behavior Adjustment Training, Grisha Stuart
  • Shaping Emotional Self Control, Ian Dunbar
  • How Dog Daycare is Changing for the Better, Robin Bennett
  • The Relevance of Breed to Pet Dog Issues, Janis Bradley
  • Socially Deprived Dogs, Trish King CPDT-KA
  • A Simply Functional Assessment , Susan Smith
  • Understanding Canine Behavior ,Sarah Kalnajs, B.A. CPDT-KA
  • How Dogs Think and Learn, Pat Miller
  • Repetitive Behavior in Dogs, Lore Haug DVM
  • All About Prompts , Susan Smith
  • How to Teach A Reactive Dog Class, Emma Parsons, CDBC
  • Aromatherapy in Dog Training, Intro to Essential Oils, Liz Reyes CPDT-KA
  • Training Family Friendly Dogs and Dog Friendly Families, Barbara Davis CPDT-KA
  • Dog to Cat Aggression, Kateena Jones
  • Defensive Handling Skills, Mike Shistashio CDBC
  • Click to Calm,Healing Dog- to- Dog Reactivity and Aggression, Emma Parsons BA,CDBC
  • S.A.N.E Solutions for Challenging Dog Behavior Workshop,  Kathy Cascade, Atlanta Ga.
  • Pain and Aggression in Dogs, Michael Shishatio CDBC
  • Click to Calm, Healing the Aggressive Dog, Emma Parsons BA,CDBC
  • Fixing the Unfixable, A New Approach To Treating Separation Anxiety, Dog*Tec
  • Training Small Dogs, Teoti Anderson
  • Behavior Modification In The Real World, Trish King, CPDT-KA
  • Resource Guarding, Sue Sternberg and Trish King
  • How to Run Successful Puppy Classes, Ian Dunbar DVM
In loving memory of Otis

In Loving Memory of my sweet boy Otis. The smartest dog I’ve ever trained and the kindest dog I’ve ever known.

Both taught me so much and are forever with me in spirit.

In loving memory of Boom Boom

In Loving Memory of my precious BoomBoom, the sweetest most loving Chihuahua Ever. He totally stole my heart.

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