obedience class

Basic Obedience Group Classes

One hour class each week for six (6) weeks

Location: Hoover, Alabama

obedience class
obedience class

You will be trained with your dog in class. Each week you will be given homework handouts on lessons covered that week to work on with your dog between classes at home. You may go at your own pace but to achieve best results it is recommended that you work 3-4 sessions each day for 5-10 minutes each.

Class each week will be one hour long at same location and time.

The first class is Orientation and NO DOGS COME TO FIRST CLASS.

Classes are small for more individual attention. No more than 4 dogs per class. All age dogs are welcome but must be Spayed or Neutered if older than 8 months.Overly Reactive or Aggressive dogs are not suitable for group classes and will need either Private Training Lessons or In Home Lessons. All training is done on leash.

obedience classes
obedience class

Basics Covered

  • Sit
  • Stay with Duration, Distraction and Distance
  • Wait at doorways, in the car, at curbs etc.
  • Release command, instructs your dog on how long they are to stay
  • Leave it, do not touch or pick up
  • Drop it, let go of or open mouth and drop out
  • Focus Exercises to keep dogs attention on you
  • Down, lay down
  • Walking properly on leash without pulling
  • Bed or place command
  • Recall, your name means come to me
  • No jumping up, polite greetings
  • How Dogs Learn
  • Manners
  • Nipping and problem behaviors addressed
obedience class

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