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dog sitting services
dog sitting training services

Dogs cope better when able to stay home and on their normal daily routine when their family is away. They are also not exposed to any possible viruses or bacteria that may be encountered at a boarding facility. They stay on their schedule, get to sleep in their own favorite spot, not be mostly confined to a kennel, and get petting and love while you are not there to give it.

What is Included?

  1. I come to your home and stay days and nights with your furry children. I will not be there constantly. We will discuss this when I come for evaluation.
  2. Dogs will be kept on their regular schedule for feeding, potty, exercise and sleeping schedules.
  3. They will get training lessons on up to three commands that are needed daily.
  4. They will get plenty of love and attention.
  5. I DO NOT take dogs to the dog park.
  6. I do not sit for Aggressive dogs or dogs with Separation Anxiety.
  7. An evaluation of your dog {s} must be done by me prior to the sitting and in some cases at least one training session with them to insure I feel safe entering your home without you there.
  8. If needed, these training sessions are $125.00 each.
  9. There is a three day stay minimum.
  10. A deposit of $300.00 is due at time of booking and signing paperwork.
  11. A 72 hour cancellation time is required to receive deposit back should you need to cancel.
  12. I will bring in your mail, any packages arriving and put out trash and recycle bins when needed.
  13. I will feed your fish and water plants if needed.
  14. I will leave your home as clean as it was when I arrived.

Fees :

One dog is $125.00 per day or partial day
Two dogs is $185.00 per day or partial day


If I arrive at 9 am on a Thursday and leave at noon on Sunday , that is considered 4 days.
Three dogs, we will have to discuss.
Cats are an additional $5.00 per day.
I cannot be held responsible for indoor/outdoor cats if anything happens to them.
I will provide  references upon you asking.

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