puppy socialization classes

Puppy Socialization Classes

One hour class each week for four (4) weeks

Classes on a rotating schedule so you can start any week. Must have at least  two rounds of vaccinations.  Age requirement is 8-13 weeks of age at start of class.

puppy training
puppy training
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Puppies are like little sponges, soaking up the world around them. From age 6-16 weeks is the most crucial time for their Socialization to everything around them. It should be a very happy time for them making positive associations to as many objects, people, environments, sounds, surfaces as possible to get them ready for the real world. We will cover as many of these as we possibly can in our four weeks together. We will cover what Proper Socialization actually is and how to apply it.

In A Well Behaved Dog’s Puppy Social Classes. We will have puppy play time and go over what proper play looks like with other dogs. When we should step in, separate and why. We will cover The Language of Dogs. How to teach puppies to play with us appropriately by teaching adults and children how to play with their puppies properly. We will cover How Dogs Learn.

Every week we will cover different subjects in depth such as Potty Training, Care and Handling, Crate training, The do’s and don’ts between Children Puppies and Dogs. Safety, How to handle Jumping and Nipping, How to get your harness on your puppy easily and begin leash walking as well as a few other Basic Commands. Each week will be designed for you and your new puppy to experience new things together creating a Strong Bond, Trust and Confidence for a lifetime of fun with your dog.

We will have question and answer time.

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